Stakeholders of Venice is an unincorporated association of Venice, CA stakeholders dedicated to a free Venice, with fair and honest representation in the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) and all community affairs. Feel free to add comments and suggestions to this blog and/or join our group:

Are you a Stakeholder of Venice? – please check here to make sure you are eligible for stakeholder status in Venice.

If you are a Stakeholder of Venice and on Facebook go here to join:

If you are a Stakeholder of Venice and not on Facebook ~
Just send an email to Stakeholders of Venice at Wiggiomail to join!

Looking forward to hearing from you,




  1. Happy to soon be a resident of Venice Beach, should be moved within the next couple of months, I’m first on the waiting list and as soon as I’m settled I intend to be an active member in the community. I will fight against gentrification, I will be 1/4 block from Abbott Kinney on corner of California and 6th and I see that it has already begun, ruining the area I have been waiting for on a list for 9 years, how tragic if it gets ruined. So anxious to get in and help protect all of Venice. I was born and grew up in Hollywood and feel like Venice is my second home.

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