AKB: Oct 5th, 1205 extended hours, car lift

October 14, 2010

Greetings Neighbors,

1) VNC meeting: As an update Weiss was denied being reheard before the VNC this month. His appeal hearing is November 3rd. We will again need letters. It is very important for us to show up to the hearing. Will update you as info arrives.

2) Extended hours for TOR: If you are interested, please send emails on The Other Room hearing (Oct 21st) regarding their request for extended hours. 1p -2a as opposed to 5p-2a.
Case # ZA 2009-1390 (CUB)(Request for dispensing beer/wine additional hours 1pm to 2am

SEND TO:Linda.clark@lacity.org




3) Carlifts: Councilmember Rosendahl sent a letter to the Coastal Commission asking them to revaluate allowing a carlift on AKB. Rosendahl’s Letter to the Commission is attached if you are interested.

Thanks for keeping up with all these updates.


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