June 12, 2010

A resounding victory for NOPDs in Venice ~ supporters of the NO OVERNIGHT PERMIT PARKING DISTRICTS (NOPDs) in VENICE gathered at the CA Coastal Commission (CCC) hearing, June 10, 2010 for the 2nd battle over OPDs in Venice. For more news on this issue go here.


March 24, 2010

OPD Still Being Discussed
Venice Stakeholders Association [not to be confused with Stakeholders of Venice – SOV – Ed.], the City of Los Angeles, and the State Coastal Commission continue discussions regarding the Overnight Parking Districts proposed by the community of Venice. “It is too soon to tell if this will be successful,” according to Mark Ryavec, head of Venice Stakeholders Association, “though we are pleased with the support we are receiving from City Attorney Carmen Trutanich who is on our side.”



— On Fri, 12/18/09
To: Mark Antonio Grant, Special Deputy, City Council Seat 11 Rosendahl, LA Human Relations

From: Rick Selan, Educational Advocate

Re: A Closed Session Meeting Between CD11 Bill Rosendahl and Department of Transportation on OPD ?

Dear Mr. Grant,
As you serve as the special Deputy for Council person Bill Rosendahl, might you please verify a few points that were shared with me by a community members yesterday.

1. She stated she watched on television a meeting which included Mr. Rosendahl and the Department of Transportation. When the issue of OPD’s in Venice came into play, the commissioners and Mr. Rosendahl went into a closed door session. Is this accurate or not accurate?  If not accurate, please make the necessary changes to make it correct.

2. Has CD 11 Bill Rosendahl been in closed session(s) with the Department of Transportation regarding OPD’s in Venice?  If so, what is his position and might you send a copy of the minutes of the closed meeting or a summary with the results of any votes taken?.

Please be as accurate as possible as this is an emotional issue in Venice.

Peace. Rick Selan


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